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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Game of Creative Writing

Pick a quote and write a miniature short story on it...

Just a glimpse of my favorite quotes....

" Convinced myself, I seek not to convince" 

"This life is a hospital, in which everyone is possessed with the desire to change beds"

" She conquers who conquer herself " 

" The artist is the creator of beautiful things" 

"Man is least himself when he is in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth " 

I am quite aware that the majority of the quotes/ aphorisms are by the one and only Oscar Wilde
He is the king of aphorisms!

But back to the game....
Here is an example of one of my attempts....

I wrote this subsequent to the hearing the quote 
" She who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten "

Trail of Glitter

Extravagance; Indulgence; Pure luxury and bliss. Through these words I describe my life. I have what many dream and desperately want to attain. I am the root of your jealousy and I proudly flaunt it. When I walk I leave a trail of glitter behind and I am never forgotten. I have everything one could ever want and yet I know I have nothing. I am impoverished, I suffer and I dwell in devastation. None know what tragedies exist in my mind. “I thought what I had would bring happiness and I soon realized that it never will.”
Walking gallantly down the aisle the entire restaurant glared at me with envy. They admired the ferocity of my step, the swing of my hair the whiff of my perfume the glimpse of my smile. Inside my mind I cried a bit. If only they knew. 
I waved at those that proved familiar and elegantly sat down in my seat. Familiar faces of the unknown filled my vision. I knew I should recall these faces but I just couldn't. My memory was distorted.  I spoke as if I knew what I said. And the people around me listened as if my words held some great universal truth. I pitied these individuals, how sad it must feel to believe a lie.
 I reached for my glass of water with effortless grace. How I wished my movements lacked its contrived composure. Suddenly a disgusting idea, appalling in nature engulfed my mind. The glass that I had reached for with effortless grace would tumble with the lack of sophistication that existed in my brain.  I plotted with conniving craze of how to be the opposite of what others wanted. I picked up that bold clear glass filled with perfectly square ice cubes and flawlessly clear water. What beauty existed in this world, and oh how I abhorred it.  I released my grasp. The beautiful sound of the glass hitting the ground excited me. I admired the lack of structure that formed. Those around me jumped and stared at me quizzically.  Waitresses rushed to clear up the striking destruction I had created. My masterpiece was gone, and with it left any chance of hope.

I'd love to see what you can come up with! Post a comment and share!

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