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Friday, May 17, 2013

An Everlasting Aroma

Aside from the way you may smell, many individuals may want their things to smell nice. Who wouldn't like taking their gym shoes out of their gym bag and it smelling like heaven? Or having friends and families enter your abode and having it smell naturally pleasant?

I do indeed love those compliments and I'm pretty sure you do too!

The trick is anything that can retain a scent spray it ! Don't go crazy with such a power but occasionally spray the bedding, pillows, curtains, closet etc. about once a week. Air fresheners are temporary fixes and work great but the ultimate trick is to use EGYPTIAN COTTON !

This is in my opinion the scent that lasts the longest and has the most admired responses. I've tried lavender , vanilla, and even clean linen but this scent left me the most compliments. 

You can find Egyptian Cotton linen spray anywhere. My particular bottle is from Bed Bath and Beyond. 
I use it in my room about once a week and it is very enticing. 
It doesn't irritate my nose or skin.

Another trick to gaining a pleasant scented house particularly bath room is the use of essential oils, or aromatherapy.
Get a drop of your favorite essential oil, mine is chamomile, and place it inside your toilet paper roll. Not the actual toilet paper but  inside the cardboard part. This is a very clandestine and natural way to make your bathroom smell great! 


  1. when did you buy this ? I have been trying to get this spray, but I couldn't. Can i buy it online ?

    1. Hey Kim! I got this spray back in May ( 2013), it should be online but if not then i'm sure any fabric scent that is Egyptian Cotton will be just fine.

  2. I used to buy it all the time at bed bath and beyond. Can't find it anymore.

  3. Does anyone know where I can find this exact kind of linen spray? Bed Bath & Beyond has a cotton linen spray but doesn't smell the same. My first bottle was purchased there a couple of years ago.