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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Woman Who Wears No Perfume has No Future

I've always been known to have a keen sense of smell. I can identify even the faintest of scents, such a talent has led to the want to create the most unique and complex scent without having to spend excess amounts of money. 

I have indeed created my signature scent that  is sweet, feminine, warm  and I must say loved by many!

It is combination of the following perfumes and body sprays.
Polo Ralph Lauren Number 2 
Pink Chiffon - Bath and Body Works
PINK Warm and Cozy - Victoria's Secret 

2 Sprays of each scent in strategic places will create an over all sweet approachable aroma. Be careful to not over do it, you do not want to smell like cotton candy!

In result you will have created a unique complex scent that has dynamic features. No one will be able to pinpoint and it lasts ALL DAY. Even after laundry I can still smell the faint scent of this wonderful concoction. This is my daily scent. 

If sweet is not your flare then another scent that is lauded by all that come near my presences is D &G Light Blue.

I received it as a gift once and immediately fell in love. It is light, breezy and in my opinion has a slight cottony/ clean linen hint to it. It is one of the worlds most desired scents and I certainly see why. The only down fall is that it is VERY recognizable. I have not smelt anything like it and thus its easy to pinpoint. Anytime someone wears this scent, I know immediately. 

If you want a safe, clean, and basic scent for whatever occasion, this is the way to go.

All scents can be found at  very affordable prices at If you create an account they do a wonderful job sending daily coupons for things like free shipping, 20% off etc.

All and all when I wear these scents the world notices and as Christian Dior once said:
"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting"
If you want to be remembered wear perfume and stick with  that scent! Smell is this the closest sense linked to memory, when  they smell you, let them remember you.

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